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Expanding Reality

Dec 24, 2021

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Peter Champoux is the author of the three landmark book:s Gaia Matrix, Moon Rivers and Ark of Antero. His simple observation of coherent geometry in the New England landscape has evolved into a geographic art and science called ‘gaiagraphy’—the study of our living earth.  His extensive body of work brings the individual and communities of scale into coherent relationship with our living planet based on nature’s own language, sacred geometry.  A one time master stone mason, Peter sees himself as a bioneer laying the foundation stones for a sustainable symbiotic future for humanity.  Peter has been a lifelong (70 years) student of the Earth. A peer-reviewed author, lecturer, bioneer, temple builder, earth healer, dowser, neo-shaman and independent gaiagraphic researcher; Peter introduces: EarthRings, Lei Lines, Earth-Cell, the organic earth-grid, and the ‘champoux effect’ to the world of Man.

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