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Expanding Reality

Dec 7, 2021

Thank you for listening!

Kaitlynn has been on a journey of becoming nobody, a position synonymous in many cases with the gentle observer. As she has thrown off the ropes from within her own consciousness, tethered to this label or that [Kaitlynn, woman, mind, even heart], She has found an infinite well of freedom. Many thus far have vortexed in, serving as effervescent light posts, shimmying and guiding her along the path that has led to the following conclusion: that “me” and this “you” stem from the same energy flow. Once we see clearly, it becomes undeniable that the shoddy car we had been using to navigate and propel us forward is, in actuality, a Shelby cobra with a built in flux capacitor ready to activate at the speed of our choosing. And honey, there’s so much going on underneath the hood. Magic, the insanely sane, might say.
Stay tuned: angels, pixies, and elves to follow. 

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