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Expanding Reality

Dec 3, 2021

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David Warner Mathisen has been exploring the connections between the ancient myths and the stars for over a decade and has authored ten books and dozens of videos documenting the system of celestial metaphor which forms the foundation for the myths, scriptures and sacred stories of cultures around the globe.

This evidence demonstrates the existence of an advanced esoteric system which was already fully mature by the time of the earliest extant texts known to conventional academia (including the texts from the oldest known civilizations such as ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient India and ancient China), and which can also be found operating in the myths of cultures in Africa, Australia, the Americas, and the islands of the Pacific.

David is convinced that this ancient system was intended to convey profound truths which are today more relevant than ever to our lives, even in this very present moment -- and that one of the core messages of the ancient myths involves the recovery of the essential or authentic self, from whom we become alienated by what is today referred to as psychological trauma.

David is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and has a masters degree in English literature from Texas A&M University. He has been an instructor in the Department of English and Philosophy at West Point and now lives in his home state of California, where he enjoys surfing and watching the stars.

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