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Expanding Reality

Nov 26, 2021

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Chris Mathieu is host and creator of Forbidden Knowledge News and The Forbidden Knowledge Network. 
From an early age he questioned the nature of reality, but remained asleep like many until 2012. 
He graduated Full Sail University with a degree in digital media, and was later an editor at his local television station for 2 years. 
In 2016 he started a Facebook page, Forbidden Knowledge News as a blog to share the information he was learning during his awakening. As the blog became more popular, he started a YouTube channel and wanted to bring his favorite researchers, authors, scientists, and experiencers on to share their knowledge and insights. This eventually became a talk show and podcast which has featured some of the most brilliant and extraordinary people on the planet and has gained an amazing global audience. 
The Forbidden Knowledge Network is a podcast network that features creators, researchers, authors, and regular people just like himself that want to bring Knowledge, truth, and a greater understanding to every person incarnated at this critical time in human history. 
Forbidden Knowledge News/Forbidden Knowledge Network 
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