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Expanding Reality

Nov 23, 2021

Thank you for listening! 
Todd Armstrong puts it down hard on this one with a visual presentation to boot! He runs us through some of the most interesting parts of the ever mysterious Book of Enoch. He also posits that we may be living in a post rapture world. 
To head straight for the video with slides provided by our guest, click HERE
6 years ago Todd Armstrong was an atheist,  drug addict, 280+ pounds, smoked cigarettes, was stuck in a toxic relationship, had various mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ocd & volatile anger issues while he was in state prison for burglarizing pharmacies. On his 90th day in jail he prayed to God for the first time in 10+ years. Since that time, He has lost those issues & addictions, as well as over 100 lbs. In the last 2 years, Todd has had the most mystical experiences and has unlocked psychic super powers. Over the course of 2 years he has opened his crown chakra, unlocked telepathy, opened up his empathy, opened his 3rd eye, had his root Chakra cleared of sludge, & has generally unlocked all of his chakras to the point that he literally feels them & has cut the head off of his kundalini serpent. He is now a family man who drives trucks & offers mentorship programs on the practicalities of bettering yourself, as well as teaching meditation, reading energy, controlling the kundalini serpent & have therapeutic conversations to help free his clients of fear, shame & guilt. He has Jesus Christ running through him very strongly, to the point that his higher self had him change his name to Immanuel Kingman (hence the website, Todd also researches life & conspiracy theories very heavily to detect the truth from the lies & deception. 
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