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Expanding Reality

Nov 12, 2021

Thank you for listening!

Welcome to the first official Share-Cast. 

This is an idea and an invitation. To inspire others to participate in the most abundant mindset model this time line has ever seen. 

This is one conversation spit in 2 parts to be Share-casted  on 2  outstanding podcasts. This allows our special guest the gift of 2 like minded  audiences. The respective hosts get the opportunity to expand your reality on another show you may not have heard of yet, but I know you're going to love it so you should check it out kinda thing.  

Check out Part 2 Check out Part 2 HERE 

Amy Belair's AMAZING show Third Eye Awakening Podcast

And Amy Belair on Rokfin

A message to content creating magic makers everywhere...

Go forth and practice Abundance. Do Share-casts of your own with other shows you love that your audience would appreciate you introducing them to. Complimentary concepts adorned with the alternate perceptions and interpretations that allow for a richer experience of life for everyone are nothing to be stingy about. We are all one step closer to the sweet bliss of enlightenment and its shit like this right here that can push it over the edge. 

As for the content of this conversation...

Amy Belair and I follow up with Jo Thomas to get more answers about the end of the world as we know it. Being lovingly referred to as Gaia's Expansion. Sweet Mother Gaia is ascending or expanding her consciousness into the 5th dimension.

The Shift into 5D consciousness from this spiritually dense 3D or 3rd dimension reality we have been somewhat comfortable existing in up to this point.  As per Jo's clients from their subconscious' through their various sessions with Jo for the purpose of gaining higher perspectives of potential events that may having you save money on Christmas presents this year.  Which can be found HERE

Check out Soul Space while your at it! It's the best thing on Facebook but THIS is a close 2nd

And after the longest show notes ever.. 

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