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Expanding Reality

Nov 9, 2021

Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, his MBA from Western New England College, and his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.  He is now retired from Penn State University as Associate Professor Emeritus. 

Twenty-five years ago, he began doing serious research for his science fiction series of novels; Alien Log, Alien Log II: The New World Order, and Alien Log III: The Dulce Affair. Currently, he is working on Alien Log IV: The Antarctic Affair. He believes good science fiction is based on good science. 

His research has led him to believe that beyond Earth there is life which is not only technically but also spiritually more advanced than humans. For thousands of years, people have seen highly sophisticated craft capable of high g maneuvers and accelerations beyond 100 g’s. Dr. Farrell has concluded this is only possible if gravitational field propulsion is used. This led him to develop his lecture and book entitled, The Science Behind Alien Encounters as a way to enlighten laypeople about ufology.

The work of the late Zecharia Sitchin stimulated his interest in ancient history. This led him to research the genesis of Noah’s Flood and to expand on Sitchin’s work by developing a lecture and book entitled, The Science Behind Noah’s Flood. Currently, he is working on The Science Behind Creation of OUR Universe Began WITHOUT a Big Bang.

All of Dr. Farrell’s books made “Best Sellers List” on Amazon in 2012. He has lectured many times at universities, science centers, MUFON meetings, Roswell (2005 and 2018), book stores, clubs, and senior centers around the country. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Coast-To-Coast AM with George Noory in 2006 and 2012. 

His present list of available lectures includes: The Science Behind Alien Encounters; The Science Behind Creation of OUR Universe Began WITHOUT a Big Bang; The Science Behind Noah’s Flood; The Science Behind Gravitational Field Propulsion; Key to Interstellar Travel; and The Science Behind the Mummies of Nazca, Peru.

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