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Expanding Reality

Oct 26, 2021

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In 2012, Geoff began researching the Egyptian pyramids and some of the alternative theories about their true purpose.  One of his life’s greatest aspirations was to one day see these structures in person.  In 2017 he got the took his first week-long trip to Egypt.  He had a very specific, research oriented itinerary planned, but his guide Yousef had some unexpected surprised in store.  Including a journey inside the Red Pyramid of Dahshur.  Upon entering the pyramid, he became overwhelmed by the intense smell of ammonia and they able to see the chemical staining on the walls of the inner chambers.  The theories and story contained within his book "The Land of Chem" are inspired by his experience inside the Red Pyramid and the time spent visiting Egypt, which led him to begin investigating the country’s ancient structures with a focus on chemistry.

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