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Expanding Reality

Sep 17, 2021

Thank you for listening!

Heather Thomas is a Cosmic Channel, Akashic Records Reader, Priestess, and an alien-whisperer in training. She specializes in helping those on the awakening path find the connections from their past lives to the current one, and connecting them to their higher selves, spirit guides, galactic frequencies, and their soul mission. She has been able to see auras, energy waves, spirit guide sparkles and orbs for most of her adult life. In her 3D world, she has a background in English Education, marketing, writing, and was an executive editor of a women's magazine for 14 years. She currently serves in the educational field in a marketing capacity. When she's not doing readings or communicating with her galactic guides, she is a wife and mother of two teenage, starseed children. 


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