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Expanding Reality

Jul 27, 2021

Thank you fort listening!
Andy Chaplin is the co host of the Paranormal Peepshow.
Paranormal amazingness on this one!

Andy has been a natural Intuitive Psychic Medium since birth. Throughout his life, his encounters with the paranormal led him into greater awareness, psychic development and higher spiritual knowledge which he hopes to share with those seeking expanded consciousness

Over the years, he has always had a keen interest in all things spooky paranormal and has been involved with numerous spiritual related events & activities. He has conducted private 1-2-1 readings, performed on stage for charity events, undertaken platform work at Spiritual Centres and has even been a Guest Medium on various ghosthunts nationwide in the UK

He's also been on a fair few paranormal based radio shows going out internationally and is currently co-host alongside Neil Geddes-Ward on the » The Paranormal Peepshow

During his life experiences, he’s had quite a few brushes with the supernatural – and hopes to share these bizarre goings-on with intrigued open minded audiences

The Paranormal Peepshow