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Expanding Reality

Jul 13, 2021

Tania Castilho (Author name: T. C. Aeelah) is a fully realized Human Being, enjoying each Breath with Passion and Gratitude. She playfully calls herself a Changeologist which she coins as being “a conscious explorer of the Science of Change”.
In her own words: “In my free time I love to write, read, dance, cook, travel, bathe in the ocean and enjoy Nature. I am passionately grateful for Life itself. Inspiration is what I am and what I share moment to moment.”
She is an award-winning International Inspirational Speaker and Author and holds a Degree in Communications Sciences. She is a post-graduate Personal Trainer specialized in Health and Fitness, having worked as a Fitness Instructor for over 25 years. She was also an English teacher at Linda’s School in Tomar, Portugal, for 23 years, and Head of Communications as well as Creative Director at the same school, where she developed Collaborative Educational Projects, Human Development Programmes and Educational Consulting for “out of the box” education over the span of 25 years.
She is the Manager and Mentor of InPassion Coaching and she is currently Chairperson for ALL Ladies League Portugal.