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Expanding Reality

May 18, 2022

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Greg Sullivan is a researcher, author, experiencer and musician who has been generating a vast array of ET contact resources from Japan for eleven years. Through several hundred guided ET contact retreats, he has done an extensive study of Japan’s spiritual elements- those both known and unknown to the West. Overcoming the formidable language barrier, Greg carries out all his work in fluent Japanese, interfacing with many publishers and media outlets including nationwide TV programs. With a growing community of tens of thousands around Japan and overseas, JCETI is helping to expance the Japanese spiritual potential for the modern cosmic age.

Currently, with side project ET SPI (Extraterrestrial Spirituality) he helps clients in the Starseed and Indigo community to come into full awareness of their hidden potentials, and overcome many of the sometimes inflexible boundaries placed on them by Japanese society. This Ascension work incorporates advanced healing and working with ET guides for lightbody and full-body consciousness activations.

Greg has also just release his first full-length music album in 10 years, under the name ‘escalade’.

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