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Expanding Reality

Apr 29, 2022

Thank you for listening!

After experiencing many many traumas by age 25, an 8 year long abusive relationship with opiates, in & out of jails & treatment centers, & diagnosed with an array of mental health disorders, Amanda frankly had nothing left to lose & very little hope left. With her last shred of hope she sought the spirit of Iboga for healing.

That was 8 years ago. As powerful & transformative as this medicine is, it's what you DO with it afterwards that makes all the difference. She did not have anywhere to turn for advice on how to integrate what she had just experienced. Who was she supposed to be now? How does one get there? What step can you take next? It was an overwhelming task to take on alone, but she did it one step at a time, & not without a few bumps & lessons on the road.

Amanda has accumulated a well of knowledge, tools, & practices that changed her life beyond comprehension & it is her passion to share these tools with others. She wanted to be the person she needed after her experience, & that is why she created Harmony I Am, & that is what she hopes to share with you!

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