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Expanding Reality

Mar 15, 2022

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Expand Your Experience

Kesenya Moore and I have an outstanding conversation that is light and fun as well as fascinating and mind blowing. She does have a visual share where she reads my natal chart. To see the full video conversation, head HERE

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Kesenya is STAR LOVER, baker of chocolate desserts, devotee of LM Montgomery novels, loving single mother of three. You’ll usually find her sipping tea and reading in her favourite café, singing classic R&B, sewing clothes from vintage patterns, or riding her bike down country lanes. She loves tranquil gardens, talking philosophy and spiritualism, and collecting SHAG art.

She haves a Master of Arts, a Certificate of Discipleship, and Certificate of Astrological Practice.

About Guiding Star

Kesenya Moore's Astrology service is titled Guiding Star......Why “Guiding Star” you ask? Well, not only is it an apt title for the services of astrology – the best astrologers serve as guides to make sense of the past events of our lives as well as the events that are to come – but it is a nod to the Christmas story, the reason she first discovered astrology. At Guiding Star she offers her personal astrology services as well as the services of wellness practitioners such as a Psychic, Meditation Coach, Past Life Regressionist, Tarot Reader, Vedic and Horary Astrologers.