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Expanding Reality

Mar 8, 2022

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Intimacy & Self Love Coach Fatima Kojima aims to help people thrive in their lives AND sex lives. She helps for people to have a safe space so to release their blockages and reach a higher
place with their self love and their self pleasure. She also helps couples to better connect through tapping into embodied practices, as well as promotes holistic living with body based
modalities such as breath work, meditation, and stretching to name a few.

Fatima is also a model, experienced in all genres such as fashion and commercial, but primarily shoots nude modeling. She loves that in the world of nude modeling, the body is adorned and celebrated, tastefully admired.

Connect with Fatima

Her erotic Onlyfans: | must be 18+ and comfortable viewing erotic nudity:
Her artistic nude modeling and coaching Onlyfans:
And to connect with her for modeling or coaching inquiries:
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