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Expanding Reality

Feb 25, 2022

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Expand Your Experience Expanding Reality

This episode is AMAZING! Mark Olly joins me for a phenomenal conversation about ancient elongated skulls, the issues with our preconceived notions of evolution, our obsession with the human head, mind melting possibilities about the origin of species and our time traveling ancestors. 

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Mark Olly was born in 1962 in Warrington, England, and educated at Appleton Hall County Grammar School, Warrington College Of Art & Design, the University Of Liverpool Institute Of Extension Studies field archaeology unit, various business schools, and El-Shaddai College Of Advanced Ministry U.K. Manchester where he obtained a Certificate Of Ministry (Ct.Min.AP) and Diploma Of Biblical Studies (Dip.BS.AP).

For over 22 years he worked as a professional musician, live DJ, compare, and in music management, founding Angelharp Music, Unicorn Entertainments Agency Ltd. and Legendthink Ltd. (one of the first ‘multi-media’ promotions companies in the world) before moving on to pursue a solo career as a writer, archaeologist and television presenter.  This career has so far taken him to all parts of the UK, France, Egypt, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South America, Turkey, Malta, and North Africa in search of the ancient and the mysterious.

His hobbies include collecting antiques and geological specimens, Dark Age, Celtic and Medieval costumed re-enactment, staging occasional exhibitions and live events, public speaking, and investigating ancient sites.

He has six major books in print, appeared on Carlton Television’s ‘The History Detectives’, wrote and presented all three seasons (22 episodes) of ITV Granada’s award nominated ‘Lost Treasures’ adventure archaeology series, has presented for Sky History Channel, writes, presents and directs DVD’s for US media giant Reality Entertainments / Reality Films, wrote and directed four Music Videos for International US band Hayseed Dixie and three for Sacred Wind’s 2014/15 Christmas charity single, occasionally appears in movies, and recently played drum sessions with bands Soul Path, Sacred Wind, Wolf and Copperworm.

He is visiting lecturer at Wilsmlow Guild and the University Of Chester, occasionally heads up his own archaeological unit, and runs his own DVD production and props company MythCo.