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Expanding Reality

Feb 18, 2022

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This episode is too riddled with truth for YouTube. So I will only be putting a shortened version of it up there. The full and unedited video will be up on our website or on 

Also some topics covered here may be too much for some folks. Just a little heads up.

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John Paul Rice began his film career in Georgia working on Jerry Bruckheimer's Remember The Titans starring Denzel Washington and We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson. 

In 2001, John landed a position at the Los Angeles film finance, sales and production company Senator International, a US division of Senator Films in Germany (which later became Mandate Pictures) led by industry veteran Joseph Drake, executive producer of The Hunger Games, Juno, The Grudge, Harold and Kumar, 30 Days of Night, Stranger Than Fiction among 30+ other films. Under Joe's leadership, John developed an interest in producing independent feature films. 

In 2008, Mr. Rice formed No Restrictions Entertainment with Latino filmmaker Edgar Michael Bravo. Over the past 12 years the duo has produced 7 compelling independent films; One Hour Fantasy Girl, The Magic Stone, Memories of a Lost Love, Mark's Secret to Eternal Life, A Nice Quiet Life, A Child's Voice, and most recently Game Day a story for today's world about a dysfunctional family that fights passionately among themselves but never gives up on each other. 

All 7 of No Restrictions' films tell bold, authentic, real-life stories of survival in the face of uncertainty with hope and love for a better world. 

In addition to his background in filmmaking, banking, entrepreneurship, and technology, Mr. Rice's continued healing and learning from trauma experienced in childhood inspired him to find creative and compassionate solutions for a new paradigm of Truth, Authenticity, Love and Forgiveness.