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Expanding Reality

Jan 28, 2022

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Expand you Experience

This episode was so much fun and so mind blowing! Ronald & Philip Kinsella join us again and together this time for a truly remarkable conversation that will leave you questioning your reality in the most amazing way. Just a few things discussed.. time travel, aliens, artificial intelligence, quantum immortality, past lives, the Mandela effect, the structure of consciousness and an ocean of other face melting topics and concepts. Fun was had by all. 

Ronald Kinsella is an identical twin, being an author of numerous books - mainly science fiction - as well as embracing digital art.  He has just published a book ‘THE DIGITAL DEMON’ which investigates strange occurrences, raising several problematic issues and conflicting testimonies.

Ronald co-hosts a radio show with his twin on the Paranormal UK Radio Network, under ‘TWIN SOULS,’ which is a monthly role.

Philip Kinsella is an Author, a UFO researcher, an abduction experiencer and an all around wonderful person to talk to. He is a psychic medium and clairvoyant. 

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