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Expanding Reality

Jan 18, 2022

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On this episode we really go for it and had a blast doing so. Natasha is such a delight to speak with and is a passionate advocate for living your absolute best timeline. Some topics we dive into are New Earth, Flat Earth, Autism, Men is Spirituality, the Organic Simulation and all things Ascension. 

Natasha Koshinka had finally woken up to the understanding that there’s more to this reality than what meets the eye about 12 years ago when she stumbled into some truly amazing info on Past Life Regression. She has been obsessed with understand our reality and expanding her knowledge on everything having to do with mental, and emotional health and spirituality since that point. Natasha's experience of reality has always seemed to be one foot in both worlds. Today she helps people heal from traumas as well as just helping to clear blocks that are in the way of their potential.

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