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Expanding Reality

Jan 11, 2022

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On this episode I get to pick the brain of Egyptologist, photographer and Film Maker Curtis Ryan Woodside. We have some real talk about ancient Egyptian Dynasties, Art and History. Egypt's mysteries continue to amaze us all and Cutris is on the hunt for the answers. Check out the YouTube link bellow for his films and stay tuned for more mind bending mysteries!

Curtis Ryan Woodside - YouTube


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Curtis Ryan Woodside, born 15 March 1995 in South Africa, is a Film-maker, egyptologist, author & photographer. With over 12 Million youtube views, a Series on Amazon Prime, Absolute History & TRACKS "Egypt Through The Ages, and author of a 620 page book sharing the same name as the series, as well as  author of Children's book "Sorceress Hollow". Curtis's documentaries and films have been screened at 19 international film festivals to date, and has created some very successful documentaries such as Egyptian Secrets At the Vatican, Nefertari The Life of An Egyptian Queen, as well as several others alongside Celine Dion & Daniel Radcliffe. Growing up in South Africa, Curtis has recently relocated to Italy, where he is continuing his documentary film-making. Passionate about ancient history, in particular ancient Egypt, which has allowed him to visit many exciting places and interview many interesting people in the Egyptological world such as Salima Ikram, Zahi Hawass, Chris Naunton, Kara Cooney, Bettany Hughes & Lady Carnarvon.