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Expanding Reality

Dec 31, 2021

Thank you Soul Tribe for joining me for this the 100th episode of Expanding Reality! 
I could not be more grateful for all of you that saw this once little show and decided to hear what we had to say. I am a big fan of the idea that this found you as much as the other way around. So welcome and enjoy! It's been a remarkable ride for us here on the show so far and we are just getting started.  Thank you, the audience that have been such wonderful companions on this journey with me. I am truly grateful beyond words for everyone of you.  Here's to a new year.  Make this the best one yet of many many more.  
 As for this unbelievably amazing conversation.  The 100th could not have been any better. This is one of the most high vibe, high consciousness conversations anyone has ever had with anyone else. This just happened to be with the great and powerful Pat Mahan. 
Pat Mahan is the founder and creator of Like Attracts Like Evolution, a mentorship platform dedicated to helping people break unconscious patterns & behaviors, so that they can evolve into the highest version of themselves. He is also the host of the Like Attracts Like Podcast, where he shares high conscious content and life changing stories to help listeners shift their perspective so they may find peace, passion and purpose.
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